Preschool Curriculum

The preschool program is an age appropriate early childhood educational curriculum provided in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Curriculum content and teaching strategies respect the individuality of each learner. We promote a hands-on program that uses learning centers as a means for active learning. Discovery through play is the primary vehicle for teaching young children.



• The child to have a friendship with God

• A caring attitude for others

• A deep respect for all that God has created

• Participation in prayer



• Language and communication development

• Participation in small and large group activities

• Respect and empathy for peers and teachers

• Use of appropriate language and expression of emotions and feelings

• Recognizing similarities and differences in people

• Interacting cooperatively with peers and learning how to resolve conflicts

• Ability to transition and follow rules

• Ability to speak clearly and use complex sentences and vocabulary

• Listening carefully to stories and book knowledge



• Coordination of large muscle movements

• Caring for self independently

• Movement through classroom environment with control

• Coordination of small muscle movements



• Use of various strategies for problem solving

• Skills in many areas such as: sorting objects, comparing and contrasting, ordering, relating numerals to quantities, sequence of events, letter/sound recognition, printing of letters/name, using print to convey meaning, patterns, inferences, continuing/creating patterns, using experiments for investigation.

Creative Expression


• Building ,constructing, drawing and painting

• Imagination in play

• Participating in musical experiences

At the end of the year we feel we have cultivated a positive self-image and have prepared the child for the next level of learning.