Fifth Grade Curriculum


Fifth grade students concentrate on learning the sacraments.

• Sacraments of the Church: Baptism, Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Eucharist, Holy Orders, Confirmation and Matrimony

• Stations of the Cross

• Benzinger Family Life - Deals with human sexuality

Reading and Language Arts

In fifth grade the students learn many strategies for reading comprehension through the use of different types of genre:

• Various styles of literature including: Realistic and Historical Fiction, Biography/Autobiography, Folk Tales, Nonfiction and Fiction, Letters, Fables and Poetry

• Monthly Book Talks

• Grammar: Parts of speech; usage and mechanics

• Exposure to a variety of writing: Narrative, Persuasive and Expository

• Spelling weekly and online spelling activities

• Oral presentations using effective communication skills


In fifth grade the children learn many strategies for mastery of basic facts including:

• Multiplication and division of whole numbers and decimals

• Geometry- including perimeter and area

• Fractions and mixed numbers

• Measurement, ratio, percent and probability

Social Studies

In fifth grade the focus is on American History, including:

• Land and people of the 19th century

• Exploration and Colonization

• War and Independence

• Expansion and Conflict

• Map and Geography Skills

Science and Health

In fifth grade the children explore:

• Structure of plants and animals

• The atmosphere and earth composition - the changing earth crust

• Structures of plants and animals

• Weather and forms of energy

• Ecosystem and the earth’s history

• Skeleton and muscular system


The children are expanding their knowledge of word processing:

• Age appropriate software programs to reinforce basic skills and use of web for research

• Sacraments Powerpoint presentation

• Online Math book and activities

• Online Spelling practices and skill-builders

• Weekly use of computers

• Use of interactive white board


To enhance the learning process the children have weekly programs in physical education, music, library, art and Spanish.  

A program sponsored by the Manchester Police Department, "Cops and Kids", will be held during Health the second half of the year