First Grade Curriculum


In first grade the main focus is Jesus, His life, and how we learn to live like Him. The children are also taught about:

• God, our Creator, and the Holy Spirit

• The sacraments of Baptism and Eucharist

• The liturgical seasons and prayer, including some basic formal prayers

Reading and Language Arts

In first grade the students learn strategies in reading, writing, and word study that help them on their way to become independent readers and writers. We use Journeys, a reading series that uses a variety of books to develop:

• phonics, high frequency word vocabulary, and word strategies

• grammar and spelling (the beginning transition from sound spelling to conventional spelling) using academic language right from the start

• critical thinking skills in comprehension

• writing skills (with a strong connection between reading and writing)

Journeys incorporates a website for teaching and reinforcement.


Using manipulatives, e-tools on-line, games, literature, and chants/songs, the Pearson (Scott-Foresman) Math program, teaches students:

• number patterns from 0-100, including counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s

• addition and subtraction strategies to 18, mastering sums to 12 and differences from 12

• some simple addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers with a simple introduction to regrouping of two digit numbers

• basic fractions as a part of a group or whole, recognition of plane figures and solid figures

• English and metric measurement of length, money to a dollar, the calendar, liquids, time (to the half-hour)

• Reading graphs and simple estimation

Pearson incorporates a website for teaching and reinforcement as well.

Social Studies

In first grade the students learn about or are exposed to:

• maps, map keys, map directions, continents, oceans, the USA and CT

• safety rules, respect for others, knowledge of American heritage including holidays and people who have made a difference, the flag, patriotic songs and landmarks

• Economy - money, needs and wants, natural resources, community services

• the culture of different regions of the world and respect for all people

Science and Health

The children learn to inquire, observe, and test ideas as they explore topics such as:

• living things (plants, animals, human beings)

• matter

• magnets and forms of energy (light, sound, electricity)

• time: day and night, seasons

• the Earth and conservation

The children learn concepts related to health and disease prevention including:

• good hygiene, nutrition, and exercise

• safety, including the Lures program and Cops and Kids

• communication skills


Technology is a tool used constantly to enhance our academic programs in the classroom and in the computer lab. We use an interactive whiteboard, laptops and iPads. The children are taught through various websites, software programs, and apps.

Parents are kept up to date by the teacher through regular e-mails.


Regular weekly programs in Gym, Library, Art, Music, and Computer Lab help to enhance the learning process. 

First grade is a grade where parents will be amazed at the growth of their children, especially in the areas of reading and writing!