Tuition rates for Saint Bridget School for the 2024-2025 school year will be as follows:


One child            $5,460.00

Second child      $5,360.00

Three+ children $4,955.00

NOTE: A $250.00 Parish Assessment Fee is received from parishes in the Archdiocese who do not have a school and have a practicing parishioner who attends a Catholic School. If a parish does not pay this fee, the parent will be charged.


One child            $5,960.00

Second child.     $5,860.00

Third child.         $5,495.00


Activity/Fundraising Fee:

An activity fee will be added to the tuition amount. For a family with one child, the activity fee is $400.00. For a family with two or more children, the activity fee is $680.00. Each St. Bridget family may earn back their activity fee by participating in school fundraisers and/or the Scrips program.


Payment Procedures:

A non-refundable $200 tuition deposit for each child ($400 per family) will be due to guarantee the child’s place in the classroom. The balance of the tuition is to be paid according to your choice of one of the following options:

Option #1: Full payment for each child by July 1.

Option #2: Tuition Management Plan through FACTS. Payments are automatically deducted from checking/savings account, and spaced over a ten-month period – July through April. There is a $35.00 fee (per family) assessed and collected by FACTS at the time the contract is received by FACTS.

Option #3: Three-payment plan. Payments are due July 1; October 1; and February 1. A $25.00 processing fee (per family) to cover clerical expenses will be added to the first payment.

A policy on tuition refund can be found in the Parent-Student handbook.

TUITION - Preschool

Tuition rates for Saint Bridget Preschool for the 2024-2025 school year will be as follows:

Sessions for three-year-olds: 

Three Full Day Sessions

MWF (7:45-12:45) 

 $4200 per year 

Five Days

Mon-Fri (7:45 - 12:45) 

$5400 per year 

Sessions for four-year-olds:

Three Full Day Sessions

MWF (7:45-2:00) 

$4500 per year

Five Full Day Sessions


$6000 per year

An extended-day session is available to all students. Payment for this aftercare service will be made directly to the aftercare director. Aftercare information is enclosed including this past year's fee schedule. Revisions to this handout will be made available in September. 

The first payment is due in July and continues through April. All payments are made through the FACTS online program.