Third Grade Curriculum


The emphasis of this year is community.

• The Catholic Church is a marked community, a believing community, a praying community, a caring community, and a ministering community. 

• Benzinger Family Life

Reading and Language Arts

In third grade the students learn many strategies for reading comprehension and writing.

• Comprehension skills and vocabulary weekly

• Phonics and word strategies

• Grammar - sentences, punctuations, parts of speech

• Writing - paragraph, graphic organizers, narrative, informative, persuasive writing

• Spelling weekly


In third grade the children learn many strategies for mastery of basic facts:

• Place value and time

• Addition and Subtraction of whole numbers and money

• Multiplication concepts and facts (0-12)

• Division concepts and facts (0-9) 

• Geometry, fractions, decimals

• Customary and metric measurement

Social Studies

In third grade the focus is on the community. Through an active hands on approach the children learn about:

• Maps, globes, features, and symbols

• Needs, wants, goods and services

• Native American and Manchester units

Science and Health

The children learn and explore:

• Physical, earth, and biological science

• How to learn from lab experiences

• The effects of drugs and alcohol

• Human body systems

• Nutrition and hygiene


The children are exposed to the computer using:

• Age appropriate software and web access is used to reinforce spelling, grammar, writing and Social Studies.


To enhance the learning process the children have weekly programs in physical education, music, library, and art.