Fourth Grade Curriculum


The emphasis this year is learning to live our lives as Jesus wanted.

• By following the Beatitudes

• By following the Ten Commandments

• Benzinger Family Life

• Each student designs a Ten Commandment PowerPoint presentation

Reading and Language Arts

In fourth grade the students learn many strategies for reading comprehension and writing:

• Daily grammar, Review – sentence structure and punctuation

• Reading comprehension skills and weekly vocabulary building

• Weekly spelling list

• Handwriting

• Writing

• Monthly book reports and two dioramas


In fourth grade the children learn many strategies for mastery of basic facts including:

• Multiplication by two digits

• Division by one digit

• Exploring basic geometry

• Expanding the understanding of fractions and decimals

• Interactive whiteboard instruction

Social Studies

In fourth grade the focus is on:

• Regions of the United States

• Connecticut

• Peacemaking

• Map skills and Timelines

Science and Health

In fourth grade the children explore:

• Earth Science - solar system

• Physical Science

• Life Science

• Observation Skills

• Scientific Method

• Effects of drugs and alcohol

• Human Body Systems and Nutrition and Hygiene


Fourth grade children are exposed to the computer using:

• Age appropriate software programs and web access in order to reinforce basic skills as well as research topics on the web. 

• Keyboarding and PowerPoint skills are reinforced

• Interactive whiteboards used daily


To enhance the learning process the children have weekly programs in physical education, music, library, and art.