The kindergarten year is based on the goal of helping young children grow and develop positive self-concepts. They learn best by doing, so much of our full day is spent actively involved in "hands-on" activities. By the completion of the kindergarten year, the children are moving forward with emergent reading skills.


Through the use of the "I Am Special" program, students will:

• Gain a knowledge of God.

• Develop a friendship with Jesus.

• Learn Christian actions such as caring, sharing and loving.

• Celebrate the liturgical seasons such as Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.

• Listen to scripture and take part in prayer.


Through the use of Rowland Letter Books, students will:

• Recognize and recite rhymes.

• Practice left to right progression.

• Identify, print, and associate sounds with letters.

• Blend sounds to create words.

• Decode sounds and words to aid in reading comprehension.

• Recognize 67 high frequency, Dolce words.


Through the use of a manipulative-based program, students will:

• Identify, describe, and create patterns.

• Name and reproduce shapes.

• Sort and classify objects.

• Compare and measure quantities.

• Tell time to the hour and half hour.

• Identify coins such as penny, nickel, dime and quarter.

• Count orally to 100.

• Recognize and prim numbers to 30.

• Add and subtract number combinations to 10.


Through the presentation and sharing of special units, children are also exposed to subjects such as science, health and social studies. Themes vary according to events, seasons, and holidays.

To round out the program, children participate in special classes such as art, music, physical education, library, recess and center-based play. They are also given the opportunity to develop computer skills.