Second Grade Curriculum

In second grade the focus is the study of the Mass, preparing students to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist and advancing Reading and Math skills.


• Prayer - Traditional and spontaneous

• Scripture Readings from the Gospels

• Liturgical seasons and celebrations

• Sacramental Reception. This program involves parent participation to enable the family and child to understand the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. 

• Understanding family and faith as a part of their lives.

Reading and Language Arts

Students continue to learn and practice Language Arts strategies to become more independent readers and writers:

• Phonics & Decoding methods

• Comprehension skills

• Fact finding & Sequencing

• Personal Reading – Incorporating skills in all content areas and nonfiction as well as independent reading. Daily silent reading is encouraged at home and becomes an integral component in the instructional day. 

• Cursive Handwriting is introduced. 

• Daily journal entries

• Friendly letters

• Punctuation and Grammar


Use of manipulatives and symbols help the students to learn Math strategies necessary for daily life.

• Data collection and interpretation

• Computation (+, -, x) 

• Problem solving

• Classification &Sequencing

• Money Application

• Time & Measurement

Social Studies

The children develop an understanding of their place in the world by being exposed to ideas about:

• Communities

• Our Country

• Our World

• Peacemaking

• Maps

Science and Health

The children utilize reading and discussion, observation in topics such as:

• Earth Science

• Physical Science

• Life Science

• Health


Regular weekly programs in computer integration in curriculum, Gym, Library, Art and Music Appreciation help to enhance the learning process.


Second Grade is a year where students develop more independent academic skills and understanding of God’s love for them personally.