Faculty / Staff

  • Mrs. Mary Alice Nadaskay


    As the principal of Saint Bridget School I have the privilege to work collaboratively with an exceptional faculty while focusing on making a difference for our students. Influencing the intellectual, spiritual, and moral growth of students and faculty makes each day rewarding!



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  • Rev. Marcin P Pluciennik


    It is my belief that the greatest gift we can give our children is to allow them to be able to share, live, and grow in one’s own faith, not just at home but also at school. Our school provides all of our families a home to be secure and grow, where children can grow in their love for God and love for their neighbor.



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  • Mrs. Kathy Sheridan

    Office Administrator

    I enjoy watching every student at St. Bridget meet the challenges of their future by developing their minds, souls and spirit.

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  • Mrs. Laura Sullivan


    When a child learns something from what they have been taught, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Children can always bring a smile to my face and that makes everyday worth working here.


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    I consider it a daily blessing and a privilege to have the opportunity to teach the young learners who come to school with hugs, smiles and love in their hearts as well as unconditional acceptance for me and the other teachers.


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  • Mrs. Mary Baniszewski


    I enjoy teaching at Saint Bridget School because I enjoy working with children. I am inspired by the individuality, uniqueness, independence, and growth that takes place while they are in Kindergarten. Our school and classrooms are truly special.

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  • Mrs. Maureen Sullivan

    Grade 1

    I love being able to share my faith as I teach in this wonderful, caring Catholic-Christian community.


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  • Miss Eileen Carroll

    Grade 2

    Mrs. Nadaskay inspires me each and every day by her sincere faith and the way she treats each and every child as a unique gift from God entrusted to her care.


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  • Ms. Elizabeth Lugo

    Grade 3

    The children inspire me to come to work each day. I admire being their positive role model and being someone they can really look up to. I love their curiosity in wanting to learn new things. The children only make me feel better each day!


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  • Dr. Fleming Allaire

    Grade 4

    The real sense of a faith-filled community, a loving atmosphere, and knowing that I do make a difference in the lives of my students every day, all inspire me to teach at Saint  Bridget School.


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  • Mrs. Joan Bent

    Grade 5

    I enjoy coming to St. Bridget School every day because of the dedicated staff and involved community that work toward the common goal of assisting our students to be their very best!

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  • Mrs. Carol Harkness

    Middle School

    Being a part of the community here at Saint Bridget School is fulfilling and exciting because I have already seen the children blossom in their faith-filled responsibilities, both as followers of Christ and active citizens of tomorrow. I am inspired by their sense of faith and its importance in all that we do.

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  • Mrs. Lisa Bonanno

    Middle School

    Coming soon...

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  • Mrs. Kim Maysonet

    Middle School

    I love teaching at St. Bridget School because I am able to share God’s love and peace with my students, parents, and colleagues.

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  • Mrs. Dalida Bettin - Moromisato


    I love to work at St. Bridget School because I can connect my faith, my culture, and my passion when teaching every day.

  • Mr. Christopher Green

    Physical Education


  • Mr. Gerard Hilliard

    Social Studies

  • Miss Donna Egan


  • Mrs. Virginia Eurich



  • Mr. Darren Vincenzo



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Supportive  Staff

  • Mrs. Mary AuYeung



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  • Mrs. Dianne Trueb



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  • Mrs. Felicia Schaller

    Teacher Aide

  • Ms. Abby Allaire