Seventh Grade Curriculum

Students in grades six, seven and eight comprise our Middle School. Our academic program begins in homeroom and then the children rotate classes between three main teachers and five part time teachers.


• Life of Jesus: Birth, Ministry, Death and Resurrection

• New Testament: Gospels and Pauline letters

• Prayer: Formal, Personal, Meditation

• Social Justice

• Family Life Program

• Peacemaking and community-building

Reading and Language Arts

In Grades 7 and 8 the text utilized is a Literature-based text. During their Language Arts time they are also taught Writing, Grammar, parts of speech, punctuation and spelling. All classes incorporate a daily oral language review.

• Literature themes: Drama, Non-fiction, Fiction, Novels, Poetry

• Reading for information (current events)

• Elements of fiction

• Writing: Sentence and paragraph formation; expository writing

• Grammar: Mechanics, punctuation, usage, editing

• Using and incorporating research into writing; PowerPoint presentations of research


• Graphing

• Decimals

• Operations with Fractions

• Geometry

• Measurement, Proportion and Scale

Pre-Algebra (advanced):

• Variables and Expressions

• Percents and Fractions

• Integers

• Linear and Nonlinear Functions

• Algebraic equations, solving equations and inequalities, solving multi-step equations

• Area and Volume

• Probability

• Polynomials

• Rational Numbers

• Ratio and Proportion

Social Studies

• American History

• Survey of America through the1860’s

• Geography: Americas


Each Science class consists of weekly labs and participation in the annual Science Fair. Seventh grade focuses on Life Science:

• Cells

• Heredity

• Classification of living things

• Animals

• Human Body


Additional Middle School academics and activities for seventh grade students:

• Spanish classes four times per week

• Weekly Physical Education, Art, Library and Music class

• The students may participate in a band program that runs independently in the school. Band students may also participate in the regional honors band. 

• The students are taught to demonstrate their knowledge with projects, testing, and oral presentations. 

• Students who achieve academic honors are recognized at our quarterly honors assembly. 

• Iowa testing as a means of assessing mastery beyond our local level. 

• Class Masses, Social Justice Service projects, younger grade buddy activities, middle school team building events and sports. Middle School students are invited to join all of the youth activities for Saint Bridget Parish.